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November 10, 2011



Oh my gosh if they aren't the cutest things ever!
And that advent is pretty darn cute too.

Theresa S.

They are so adorable! I would love to make the advent calendar--it looks beautiful. I bought your "Tis the Season" class a couple of years ago and I love making up the project every year! So worth whatever I paid for it because this year will be the 3rd year in a row I will be making it! If anybody out there is wondering about Janet's projects--I can tell you that they are so lovely and the instructions are very, very clear and easy to follow.

Tracy Keith

Oh that Jake! Love him to pieces...I had no idea all this had been going on, so sorry! Glad the kiddos decided to give you a break and make you smile. Thanks for sharing ;-)



so S*T*I*N*K*I*N' funny! gotta love kids...
glad everyone is on the mend!


How funny is that??? What a cutie. Glad they are feeling better. Planning to finish my advent box today. Just love it!!!


haha your kids are so cute!!!

Nancy Wyatt

How cute is he! They are getting so big! Xoxo


love, love, love the photos of your kids. you just want to bottle the cuteness!! next time you're tearing your hair out, pull out these pics :)

you're killing me with the advent photos. such a beautiful project!!

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