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October 13, 2011


Stephanie Ward

Your work is amazing. I get inspired by your blog. This winter my life will slow down for the first time in years and I plan to scrapbook and make jewelry all season!

Kim H.

I love your kits!

Lindzie H

Love your halloween decor. I have the same skeleton (only in black glitter). Glad I picked him last year. :) I love all that you do and have been missing you on Webshow Wednesdays!

Lindzie H


Ashley C

I really love your Count Your Blessings kit. And your project was swesome!!


I love all your creativity in general and all your ideas. I have been in a creative slump so I could really use a boost!

Layle Koncar

Thanks so much for sharing my pics on your blog Janet! Loved, LOVED using your kits and printables. Seriously so easy to decorate with your awesome artwork!

I bought the black display cases at Pottery Barn years ago - probably 6 or 7. Wish they would carry them again, I would love to get my hands on more of them!

A trip to Texas with you as a junking guide? Are you kidding, count me in!!

Dawn Priestley

So cool.

1. Twitter'd
2. Facebook'd
3. I made your baby book a few years ago and the happy haunting banner, but alas - no photos!
4. Thanks for the inspiration you always bring!

Cheers - Dawn

Cristina Madrid

Your humor makes me laugh! I don't really know if your kids are well behaved but they are darling and yes, we all really do love you and your work.

Tracey T

I am currently "hoarding" your kits. Love them! I keep buying them but need to make some time to create something! I love your art prints that make decorating a snap.

jamie slay

I pin your stuff all the time, so I must love it!

Danee Kaplan

I adore your work. I'm e-mailing you photos of my "Happy Haunting" banner I made from your kit. It is by far my favorite project in a very long time.


Love, love, love the beautiful stuff you make! Hope to try something with your kits soon!

Wendy Orme

I love all your designs, but especially the "Count your blessings" kit...fabulous!

Catherine C R

I can't say how much I love your designs - ah heck you entire style is nothing less than inspiring! Thanks!

Rhonda Lutz

LOVE your work!! I took your class at IU and just enjoyed it so much! The Haunting Kit you have is amazing!

Crystal McConnell

I love everything you do, Janet! You are such an inspiration.


As usual younare awesome. Boy, would I love to win! Thanks for sharing!

viki powell

For starters your kids are adorable! Love the lastest photos of the we one...she is precious! I am a big fan and just purchased your halloween stuff...made some skeleton necklaces for my college daughter and her suite mates! They loved them:) As always, i find tons of inspiration from you and your blog. Thanks for that:)

Heidi Gore

I just love your blog and subscribe to get your e-mails. Love your style and your uber cute children. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your creativity as well as offering such a great giveaway.

Heidi Gore

I posted a link on facebook. Can you tell I really want to win? Well, I REALLY REALLY really do want to win. No, REALLY!!

Melinda T

I commented and posted a link on fb.

Melinda T

I'm loving the "Count Your Blessings" kit! Would definitely love to win it! And your assistant is such a sweetie! :D

Barbara Pagluighi

I was just saying how great your kids are, seriously your work is great and so inpirational.


i love . love . LOVE your aRt pRints and all the inspiration you so kindly share... i made the 4th of july framed art print (copied you) and gave it to my friend as a hostess gift (no pics) and funked up the halloween print and at a girls "haunted harvest get-away" i made it a prize...the girls loved it!

again, thanks!

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