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March 04, 2011


Nancy Wyatt

uhmmmm....hello the piece you picked out is gorgeous and so why the vote?? ;) I vote for gray :) Hugs, so bummed I can't come the weekend of your class :(

Lindzie h

I would go with gray. More neutral and you can use yellow as an accent. I love the TV stand by the way!

Melissa Mortimer

I'm not going to be much help... I like them both. But I would go with the gray if the kids are going to be in there (which of course they will). :) Use the yellow on the walls? Or as an accent color? Love the TV stand!

Carrie P

Looks like the tv stand I'm looking for!
As for the carpet I'd say yellow, sun on the floor~
Glad your husband is doing better~

Wendy Orme

I'd say gray if your walls are yellow...that way if you change your mind on the walls, chances are the gray rug will go with the new color.


I would think the unit will "pop" more with the grey rug (and would not show potential dirty marks).

Sheila Miller

Without a doubt, it would be gray! Besides it matches all that wonderful new "Waiting for Spring" line...just sayin!

Mary Mitchell

You have to be careful with the amount of yellow brought into a room. Too much can distract from more important focal points. I say let the tv stand be the eye catching focal point and go with a grey rug.

Terri watkins

Happy color yellow.

Cassie K

I'm digging the gray rug. It'll ground the flower and the pop of color can be then cast trough out the room

Gina Baj

I think that the yellow rug would put a pop of colour in the room but you could also do that by adding lots of trinkets and decorations that are yellow in colour. I think the grey rug is much more practical, wont show the marks as much and would help pull the room together. I would get a grey rug for sure.

Elaine Paullus

I vote for grey. I love the yellow, but I have kids too, and I know what they would do to it. Pick up the yellow in accessories and on a really cool piece of art for the wall.

Elaine in Jersey


Both beautiful but I would go with the gray.


Depends on the wall color, but I think I have to go with yellow.

susan wyatt

I like the yellow on the wall with the unit. If you're going to put gray knobs on it, I think the gray rug with look fabulous with the yellow walls and tying into the knobs!

Erin Ummel

I would def. go with the gray. As gorgeous as the yellow is, not sure it will hold up as well with little ones! Can't wait to see the finished room!


Gray! You can change the decor to go with the gray rug vs. the yellow!


I'm voting with the grays, because it will not show spots as badly when the light is on. In a rental unit we had a long time ago, the very light gray rug looked clean until we turned on the lights and the spots popped out. I think it would be that way with yellow and 4 children. Even retired people have to follow themselves around with a spot remover! Don't ask me how I know.

Theresa Beaudette

I like yellow!
Theresa B.
Troy, MI

Linda Arthur

Is is possible to have the best of both worlds
i.e. Yellow rug with gray accents. Since the wall color is yellow I would go with an overall yellow rug and try and coordinate the cabinet's gray knobs with accents in the rug.

domestic diva

I like the yellow rug. It's always nice to have a splash of color.

Kimberly K

Mt vote if for the yellow/gold color. It's happy, kinda like sunshine.


I think the grey would work. I think too much yellow might make you squint a bit. I think it would be more versatile. God speed with your husband's recovery!

Stephanie Ward

GRAY definitely


Let your husband pick the rug color both are great, you pick that beautiful tv cabinet.

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