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March 04, 2011


cindy barriga



grey. And use the yellow on the walls! Love the TV cabinet!!


My vote is yellow ... nice and sunny and uplifting.


we have yellow and I regret it. With grey, you can change accent colors loke yellow:) but it is also a very relaxing color and a lighter grey can add lights to a room.

Pamela Bennett

I have always thought of grey as a neutral colour, if you go with yellow and get tired of it, your stuck with it and the colour on the walls. If you go with grey and get tired of the colour on the walls, it's an easy change to paint the walls any colour as grey goes with anything.Plus if the children spill on it, it won't show up as much.


I would generally say yellow since it is my favorite color but in this case I think gray would be the best choice in the room. Good luck with the vote.

lebon nathalie

je vote pour le gris (gray)

Jo Anna

Love the TV stand! Keep it grey, but paint the inside of the doors yellow to match the rug. What about some floor pillows in yellow and grey patterns with easy to wash covers!


I vote for gray. The yellow is lovely but more limiting for the future. Use the gray and accent the room with the yellow. Sounds lovely!

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