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March 04, 2011


Cristina Madrid

Love the tv stand!!! How could your husband not love it? I vote for the yellow rug. It brightens things up and makes me happy.

Cary Bright

Grey... you have young children and the yellow is beautiful, but not practical. Use yellow for your accent color.

Joan Fowler

Paint the walls grey and use the yellow rug. Definiely the "wow" factor.

Martha Richardson

Gray...easy to add more colors choice to...like turquoise!


Yellow!!! I love some color!!


Yellow-happy, sunny!


I'd go with the gray, I think. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be lovely!

Trisha McFarland

I am thinking the Gray...it will be easier to pair other things with in the room! I sure hope you will send pics of the finished project! :)


I would want more information before giving final advice. The wall color? The furniture color? The floor color? Your acessories? If your house looks a lot like the picture you showed, I would go with the gray rug. The yellowish walls and the yellowish lighting in the unit ... need a gray. But, if your house is not like that, the yellow rug might add more of a pop of color that you need ... I don't know! I would totally vote for turquoise if it was an option! But, I'm leaning towards gray :)

If it helps, my husband is very opinionated in the home decor department. He mostly just doesn't like any of my ideas :) Have fun with that!

Danee Kaplan

grey all the way

Renee D

Love the stand!!! I vote for the Gray.


I vote for gray!


So are our votes going to count w/your hubby? LoL...I vote GREY, it grounds the space!


I think gray -- to my great surprise, actually

Renee J.

I love your room, Janet! I think I vote for the grey even though I really love yellow!

Renee J.

I just retweeted this on twitter with a link to your blog. Thank you for the chance to win!

Renee J.

Oh, lucky me....I am following you on twitter. Thank you, Janet!

cindy b.

Gray...more neutral and easier to accessorize with MORE yellow stuff..hee hee!

Angelica St Laurent

If that's the color of your wall then I would go grey.

Jane T in NW Louisiana

I think the gray would show less dirt and would look good with your wall color. So good that your husband is doing well.


I think gray. Lately I have found myself drawn more and more to that color.

alicia king

depends on your wall color! are they grey already? then definetely the yellow rug! show us when it's all finished!

Jeanne Ann

I have to say that overall I would choose the gray rug, although I love the yellow one too! I think with the kids and what the room is going to be used for the gray my hide more and be easier to clean.

Sue Coverdill

Oh my gosh the tv stand is incredile. I definately vote for the yellow. The pop of yellow on the floor would add that pizazz we all need. Cant wait to see the finish product

ruth tacoma

I'd go with gray...it's a little more neutral and you could use it somewhere else later, or even change the color of this room and still use it. :)

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