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February 04, 2011


Ruth Beckett

Janet, love the tags.. tags are one of my fav crafts.. i do however favor the vintage one, cannot wait to get these new stamps.. and some more glimmer and glam..


All the tags are stunning, but my favorite is the last one (second or third, depends on whether you take the former post into account). I love the facts that it is colorful, but only slightly and that it involves many different stamps that lives together in harmony on the tag :)

Thanks for the chance to win.

Nicole Maki

These are so pretty. I'd never even heard of Pumice Stone Distress Ink - now I have to have it *grin*

My favorite is the yellow and gray one, but they're all gorgeous!

Nicole Maki

Following you on Twitter too :-)

Gayla Miller

I love all the tags. My favorite on is the second one.. where you used the Daily Junque stamp. I love the ribbon on that one as well. It is so neat how you can take ribbon and change the color with the glimmer mists. My dear friend, Ruth Beckett told me about this site.

Thank you for sharing your unique crafts.


It's not fair to ask us to chose which tag we like better -they are all beautiful!! great colors!

Cassie K

amazing tags and the details are stunning. Your friend will feel honored that you were thinking of them.


just friended you on Facebook :)

Sharon Osborn

Oh I love the yellow and grey! I have most of those inks, so tomorrow I think I'll have a try. Sure would love to win those stamps though :) Beautiful work Janet!

Barbara Pagluighi

Love them both, the mustard and stone colors on the first one are gorgeous and the vintage one is whimsical and beautiful.

brenda magliacane

Janet I love them all! but if I had to pick just one I like the collage one the most. Thanks for sharing!
Brenda Magliacane


They are all so beautiful. I especially like the second one - using the Parisian Anthology set. What a fabulous giveaway!

I also am now following you on twitter and friended you on facebook. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway!

Sharon H.

Love the tag which uses the flower and background from the Soiree set. I have just purchased a 'truck' load of distress inks and this gives me the 'courage' to go ahead and use them. Thanks.


I love the first one. How fun and I love gray and yellow too. Tags are my favorite

Wendy Orme

I like them all, but the yellow/gray is my favorite! You are so talented.


Just Friended you on Facebook.

Wendy Orme

I friended you on FB.


I love the one with the vintage vibe.


Just friended you on FB.


Posted about it on twitter.

Courtney Zavala

I love the fist tag! I love stamping, especially when it doesn't have to be perfect! I'm already following on Twitter, and just sent my request on Facebook! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

Emily Dugan

I LOVE THEM! Gorgeous. I shared this on my blog. I am new to this, (blogging) so if I have forgotten to include something (proper blogging etiquette) please let me know. I just thought that they were gorgeous & had to share. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for the tutorial. I am definitely going to try this tomorrow ;)


Renee J.

Janet, I love them all....I am a bit partial to the yellow and grey! That color combo is one of my new faves! Great work!!

Beth Perry

the last tag (daily junque set) is my fave!! love love love these!!!!

Beth Perry

just friended you on FB!

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