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February 21, 2011


Tove Mayer

Love this, already ordered it, Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! We give students prompts in school to respond to - why not for ourselves?

Ruth Beckett

Hey Janet, love the book.. followed your link to amazon and was browsing around.. wow are there different versions of the book? the prices are all over the map.. 11.55 - over 200.00.. tried to see what the difference was but finally gave up.. hope to see you wed night.. hugz, ruth


Thanks Janet! I think this would be a great book for me. I really have a hard time writing things down. I always think I can remember but then I have a really hard time. Thank you again for sharing.

Suzie Q

Thank you soooo much for sharing this with us. I, for one, really NEED prompts. It's not like I don't have anything to write about but it's usually the same situations just worded in a different way. I like that this has so many different things to write about "like what song is stuck in your head today". That is something I would NEVER think of writing about in my journal. I also like how it's only 4 lines. These are definitely on my list of things to buy for peoples birthdays. I think my brother would really like one of these.


I'm with you ... I'm a horrible journaler as well. When I do start writing, I can't stop and I never feel like I've said things very well ... and then I never take the time to journal besides when I'm working on a layout. There are so many things I wish I could remember from my life and the kids growing up ... thank you so much for sharing. I decided to jump on this and buy it because I hate procrastinating!!! THANKS!

Michelle in CA

I dream of journaling...I think this book will do the trick... Thanks for sharing this! My 12 year old daughter just peeked over my shoulder..."oooh, what's that mom? I would love that book, mom!" Guess I am on my way to ordering 2! Thanks Janet! As always... you are so insightful! :)


I think I would love this. My only question is whether it is hard to write in. Does it open nicely? It looks like it would be thick and hard to get into.

kelly in NB

2 month wait at amazon! pooo-ey! what a great idea though

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