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December 15, 2010


Ruth Beckett

well Janet, this is really nice of you.. i voted for you yest and today and plan on doing it every day.. i posted on facebook also; trying to get all of my scrappin friends to vote also. i LOVE these crystals, i have always loved crystals and squirrel away every one i can find and wait for a special occasion to use them.. i am thinking these would look awesome on the bottom of your tussie-mussies from the hof3 store. i have made small ones in the past and made 1 on my sil the other day.. i am thinking these would look awesome on them and also thanks for the tut.. love that idea of using the tissue in old books, now i gotta hit my moms garage for old books.. thanks.. you all are in my prayers.. hugz, ruth

Nancy Wyatt

Loe what you did with these! I bought a bunch of chandy crystals at Canton not sure what I was going to do with them but had to have them! OK, secondly you don't have to give me a thing to vote sista! I voted today and yesterday and shared it on my FB wall hoping to get others to vote! I recently participated in a contest for a $100 prize and I had very few vote. I will keep voting and will continue to spread the word! Wish I had gone shopping with you guys when you were in town! hugs!! xoxoxo

Jen Seidel

Great idea on the ornaments! Very nice! I voted for ya and shared it on my facebook profile! Thanks for the giveaway!

Jen Seidel

Sorry forgot to say that I would use them in my craft room for my lamps. :)
I voted for ya and shared it on facebook.

Sharon Osborn

I voted for you Janet! What a great idea with the crystals :) I 've got a few, now I'm off to look for a couple of good vintagey pics :)

Brenda Weaver

I love these and I'd love to have some of my own to use. I'd make some ornaments like that and I think they'd be fun for a lot of different projects.
I voted for you. I'll be sure to keep voting.


For all you share with us all year long I will be glad to vote for you even without a really great giveaway....however it would be sweet if I won. Thanks for all your inspiration. Prayers for your husband and family. (I just voted!)

Nicole Maki

I just voted :-)

As a new subscriber to your blog, I've been amazed by all your awesome content. Thanks, I know it takes a lot of hours.

Best of luck to your husband.

Nicole Maki

Oops, forgot to say what I'd do with the crystals ~

In an all male household, I'd love to make something and pretty for my bathroom or bedside table. Something just for me to enjoy... without robots or rogues. LOL


I voted! These are really cool. I could see making a kind of garland valance for my craft room window. They would make really pretty ornaments too!

Jamie D

I would love to use these in my december daily or hang them from a wire tree! They're so beautiful!I voted for you too!


Hi Janet I just voted and will vote again. Firstly I'd pu tthem on my mantel and Christmas tree then after the holiday season I'd hang some of them in my suuny windows.

Kristen Butler

Voted yesterday and today and shared on facebook. Will continue to vote daily. Best of luck to you!

Kelly Rodgers

I voted Janet...and will continue to. Best of Luck to you xxx


So nice to share! Voting everyday...
I think I will begin now making something delicious for Valentine's Day - perhaps I will finally get to use the kits from Ho3 and make a Valentine tree :)

Trisha McFarland

Janet I hope you know that I am certainly praying for you and your beautiful family! And of course I will vote for you every single day!!! What an awesome thing you are trying to accomplish while your husband is in the hospital.

Trisha McFarland

And before I forget....I think I would make these little beauties for Torin's teachers! :)
Thanks for everything and again you are in my prayers!

Angelica St Laurent

Love the crystals, where did you find them?

Gerry Barela

Janet, thanks so much for sharing your talent and inspiration. There isn't anything I could use these crystals for. Curtain tiebacks, gift topper, window prisms. I can't wait to find my own to make and give. A speedy recovery and quick return home for your husband. I'm voting for you to win!


these are delightful! i'm not quite sure what i would use them on....perhaps hanging in my kitchen window with the sun shining through.....hanging in my car from the rear view mirror.....the possibilities are endless!
may god guide the surgeons' hands during your husbands procedure and heal him quickly to return to his home.
merry christmas......the voting starts today and i'll continue until you win!!!

Heidi Gore

I voted. I would love to know where you found the crystals online. I have been looking and looking for just the right kind and yours appear to be exactly what I was looking for. I was going to hang them from a garland I have above the archway that leades to my dining room. Would just add a touch of bling.

Lisa Wilson

Your ornaments are beautiful! These would look great on the pink Christmas tree in my little girl's room with all the antique ornaments. Thanks for sharing. Now off to vote! Good luck!


Those would be gorgeous hanging in a kitchen window. Light shining through, rainbows twinkling around the room. Too cool! Good luck...


Your ornaments are incredibly beautiful and so easy!!! I have done this technique with Tim's clear pieces but on real ornaments it is so much more beautiful. I would love to use them in mixed media projects if you could spare a few. I am going to make a piece to honor my mother in 2010. She got me started in this world of handmade and I love her so much for that.


Hi Janet, I voted and will do so everyday. I also posted on my facebook wall. I love what you did with those crystal beauties! I would use them as embellishments on my scrapbook pages, use them to embellish the lampshade in my craft room. They are so darling! Take care and thank you for the tutorial.

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