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October 27, 2010


Star Wilkinson

Absolutely gorgeous.


seriously beautiful! so going to buy it and copy you!!!

Cilla A.

Janet, just wondering where I might find the little holders that you have the letters in? Thanks. This project looks pretty simple and awesome.


That is my question, too Cilla; I think they are called pin frogs. If purchased on the internet, you have that pesky shipping to pay. I will try my local florist; otherwise, I am hoping you have a great tip for this, Janet.


Janet - this is goregous. Missy and Cilla I was wondering the same thing, about the little holders.


Janet-I am interested in these ornate letters. Can I use them in InDesign or Illustrator? I would also like to know where to purchase the flower frogs.


janet........any way i can get one of those packages of ikea folders??? the closest one to me is over 6 hours and my husband frowns on quick trips there! thanks so much!


Hi Janet -
When you apply the distressed ink to paper - is this the tool you use - Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Applicator Stamp Handle w/ felt pads? I'm not finding anything called a n ink blending tool??


It really is the same tool - sometimes sold with the felt pads, sometimes sold with the foam pads. I usually buy the one with the felt pads at HL or Michaels, but then just interchange them the foam pads sold separately at those stores. They are just a "stack" of white foam pads backed with blue velcro. Here's a "Heidi" tip: On the base of the tool, is velcro. Use a staple gun to secure it better to the base, so that when you pull off the pads, it won't try to lift off as well. You can probably google her videos to see this.


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