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October 07, 2010



I liked your thoroughness in taping and adding plastic to the album to make sure that the spray did not seep through. You got a beautiful crisp line.

Brittney A

that inked and misted doily was my fav!


I love the glimmer mist on canvas, and I am so thankful I can share my love for creating treasures with my two beautiful daughters!

Baba Barbara

I really like the glimmer misting on canvas and rbbon or seam binging to customize the colours.

Wendy Orme

Oooo...I hope I'm not to late to enter this giveaway! Looks lovely!


I LOVED the canvas album!!!! Your project was amazing...thanks for sharing with us!


Goodness ... pure goodness. I'd love to win this set of pretties. Thanks for the opportunity.

kelly in NB

this is still all so "sureal" to me. i think i loved the glam-have not seen in person. I'm most thankful for my healthy and happy family.
thanks for the opportunity!!

Melanie browneyedgirl

I adore the messy glimmer misting the flower. I am thankful for meeting you at IU in Vegas this September and look forward to a repeat in 2011.

Pam Dean

I liked seeing how you used the alphabets and the Glimmer Mist on canvas. I am eager to try it out.


This is so wonderful. I would love to win.

brenda magliacane

favorite technique= taping off to do the misting stripe
thankful for= the wed. webshows that you ladies put on I look so forward to it each week. (it's better than must see t.v.!)

Karen keiper

my favourite pary was learning how to use my glimmer products. like you i am always scared i'll make a mess of it!!!! i am thankful for my husband who works so hard so i can stay at home with our kids and he doesnt mind me spending a little of that hard earned cash on scrapping!!

sandi m

Love, love, love glimmer misting, just picked up a couple of fall colors at my LSS. Thanks for the great show and giveaway!

Angie Murray

Hi Janet...
It is hard to pick one technique but I loved the idea of masking off the cover! I have tried this with other products but used the painters tape and it bled...I will be trying it with regular masking tape next time because I love the clean, crisp edges you got!
Beautiful project and wonderful inspiration!


The webcast was inspiring and Tattered Angels=Amazing!

Brenda Lubrant

I have never used any glam yet. I have not seen it in any of the stores that I have access to. I really enjoyed your podcast and my fav was the canvas you did. After the holidays, I am going to try one out. I have some ideas and products in my head that might make one nice canvas.


The inspiration was awesome. I really loved the new Portfolio album. The different sized pages are great.

debbi g.

love the glimmer mists...thankful for my mom.

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