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October 07, 2010



What's not to love, I love all the technigues. I am constantly amazed that you come up with new ideas time and time again. This color combo is fast becoming my favorite too! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Nancy Hyland

Tons to love, but I actually loved seeing how you used the three pieces of the regal font sets in different ways and colors - AWESOME!! Loved the entire album and I love seeing how you think outside the box on the page protectors and folding them over like that to make them interactive - pure genius!!


I'm still figuring out all the coolness that is glimmer mist, glimmer glam, etc so I just liked seeing how you used them together across the projects.

Viki Powell

i love it all, especially love how easy it is to accent those fluffy flowers and change the look to match your projects. love the glimmer mist. I'm thankful for so many things: like having someone like you that is constantly creating and giving us fab ideas:) Just really thankful to be enjoying this lovely day:)

Tarren Young

I really liked the idea of the envelope style page protector--I don't know the proper name, but the one with the 2x5 flap closure! That was awesome! Something I am thankful for is being blessed with the creativity to do cool and artistic things with all the photos I have.


I am still in AWE of the glimmer misting techniques shown on the front cover of the canvas album! I am so grateful & " blessed beyond measure" for my sweet little boys - and, of course, to be LOCAL to take your incredible classes ;)

Karen (kaz_taz)

I am blessed to have found scrapbooking and be a part of the 'scrapbooking family'. My favourite technique was the verigation you got on the front cover of the albumn, very nice!

Sharon Osborn

Oh Janet, this is wonderful :) For me, it was all about the "dangles". I bought both of the sets from the new line, and was thrilled to see how you used them in the show. Also-what a lot of work it was to list out everything on your blog after the show. Just wanted to acknowledge the amount of time it took to do that- and to thank you for it!

Michelle in CA

Wow! Janet this is a super generous giveaway! Thank you Hof3,TA and PP! Difficult to choose a fave, but I love what you did with the canvas album! Using masking tape and plastic,saturation tip, pure genius! You are always thinking beyond the ordinary uses of products and color palettes... I am thankful that I discovered House of 3 products and live webshow! You ladies are transforming not only what I create, but you inspire me with your words, your art and your interaction with your families...in a small way I feel like family too! :)


I can't narrow down which technique I loved the most, I'm just in awe of being able to have free classes with you girls, thanks for the chance to win!!


I loved the show! I think my favorite part was the inked and misted doily, I couldn't wait to try it myself this morning! I am so thankful to have a creative outlet in scrapbooking and to gain inspiration in so many ways.

Molly Morris

Gotta be the album cover with the masking tape. What a perfect way to spice up the white canvas!! I am very thankful for Wednesday nights.. my husband takes the boys to bed and I get to hang out with some great ladies!

Theresa Beaudette

I love glimmer misting the flower. I am I am certainly thankful for my ability to craft and make beautiful scrapbooks!
Theresa B.
Troy, MI

Kelly Rodgers

I love that you misted the canvas album. I love that you misted, even though you were a bit scared. You did such a great job Janet. Loved it all!!

Kelly Rodgers

And thankful for being able to see you in action even though oceans apart

Sherry B

What a great giveaway. I love the different sized page protectors in the album. I'm thankful to have six wonderful healthy children and I'm always thankful to have coffee in the morning.

katie squires

I love that you used masking tape to tape of the album when you misted it! Brilliant such a clean bold look :)

Ann D.

Hi Janet! I loved watching you distress the dollies! I'm inspired to use the ones I have! I'm thankful for my family...we've been married for 21 years yesterday and never thought we would have kids...we have an 8 and 6 year old! Lots to be thankful for! Thanks for always inspiring me to try new things...LOVE YOUR STYLE! Ann

Ruth Beckett

Janet, an awesome show wed night... i love the page protectors that you showed with the various ideas.. will have to order some of those.. I am thankful for so many things, but i guess i am most thankful that Jesus came to be our saviour and died for our sins.. and also thankful for the hof3 girls do for us and give so freely..Love ya all. Ruth

Verona H

I too feel blessed beyond measure. World happenings scare me right now, but we know we are on God's timetable and he is in control. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway. I've got to start using my Glimmer Mist!

Debbie Mercer

Hi Janet. Thanks for taking the time to share such wonderful inspiration with us. I loved how you used the font set from TA. I have a different set but never thought to mix up the colours like that. My favourite product was the album. I love the versatility of the page protectors. I am thankful that I can stay home with my children every day (and still find a little bit of money to buy your fab products). Being with them means the world to me. Thanks again for all that you and Heidi and Rhonna do. Debbie


I am so thankful that God has given us his Son and the free gift of salvation to all who believe. I am also thankful for the gift of creativity to use our talents in such fun and delightful ways, such as paper crafting.

Your glimmer misting was amazing. Can't wait to try it myself--especially if I won!!


I loved the entire album; I've wanted to use different sizes of page protectors in an album forever. My favorite part is the cover -- the colors are gorgeous! I am thankful to have the time to create something every day!


I love the entire albumn especially the different sized pages and the glimmer mist action. I am eager to try it out. I am thankful to be the mother of four amazingly different girls that challenge me everyday. I love learning on the adventure and watching them grow>


Hi, I loved seeing you use the Glimmer Mist on Canvas. I can't wait to try it on lots of different mediums to see what works.

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