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June 04, 2010


Nancy Wyatt

My friend was just telling me yesterday the same thing about disappointing her kids that the reality is summer isn't for all adults and that some have to work. I'm sure you guys will be fine ;) I love this pic of B! She is really a beautiful baby and growing up so fast!! hugs friend!


She is just SO darn cute!! That bow and those sweet baby fat rolls...just want to give her a big smooch! :)


as a teacher it makes me sad to hear so many comments on blogs that moms are just not ready for their kids and summertime. The kids at my elementary school have worked so hard this school year with intense academic focus to prepare them for district and state tests to meet annual yearly progress!!Kids came early to school and stayed after school to get extended learning opportunities. Kids at my school were so excited to have school come to an end(their last day was May 21st)and have some relaxing time this summer away from all the heavy duty learning. Our area has so many fun options for kids this summer(reading programs, camps, weekend activities for families). What I actually found out from my own kids(3 of them all in their 20's now) is that more than anything they want quality time with their mom and dad. It is amazing if you take a step back, see where you spend most of your time, and see what impact it can have on your kids. Enjoy your precious ones while they still want to be around you--that time will come when they find all kinds of excuses to spend time away from you. Have a fabulous summer!!!

Leonie -Australia

She is just so cute Janet.

Cindy Bentley

She is just beautiful! Great photo.

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