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July 17, 2009


Jackie, in TEXAS!

that is beautiful. I will keep my eyes out for something like that and email you...though, i would have a hard time turning that mirrow into a chalkboard, lol. But maybe there is two...

abby andries


I would take a gamble that they used chalk board spray paint right on top of that mirror! You can get it at Home Depot/Menards/Loe's -- it's really inexpensive. I used it on some frames around Christmas Time and it turned out FAB!

You might be able to snatch up a large mirror like that at an antique store -- or even GoodWill. Happy hunting!


Tifany D.

I was going to suggest chalkboard paint...and some plywood and a jig saw :o)


love the frame and great idea!


What about Home Decorators Catalog? Lots of mirrors and frames to be found there.

Christie McCarley

That rocks!


Not the same, but similar look: (maybe a bit expensive, but depends on how badly you want this!)







Rebecca W.

Verry cool idea...not sure where you can find that kind of frame though...


Hi Janet,

Mirror "H" on this page is very similar. http://www.artright.com/H-M722GC.htm Pricey though. Might just have to hunt something like this down at a thrift store or garage sale. . .


What about inquiring at a hotel...they always seem to have large ornate framed mirrors and may know where the old decor ends up when a remodel takes place. Just a suggestion!


I'll tell you where I find some great things are your local thrift stores, good will, salvation army or what ever may be in your area. Even some antique stores will have old but very cheap mirrors. When I did my kitchen door chalk board, I used the spray paint chalk board paint, went on nice and smooth, Ive also used the chalk board paint that you use a brush, painted over magnetic paint, It took alot to get magnets to hold.
good luck.

Kathleen Kraft

Hobby lobby has a bunch of open frames which are similar on sale and their new stuff in the metal section is similar...that is so cool...

Shannon in WA

No ideas for you but good luck! What a gorgeous project!

Traci Smith in AZ

I stumbled upon your site the other day and just happened to be searching on our cities craigslist and found this...its only $25. It is not as ornate as the photographed frame but I thought you could always add some wood embellishments to it right?? Good luck!


Deborah P

Found your site from Ali Edwards - thanks for the Tuesday tutorial; I love that baby book!

The chalkboard from the mirror frame is beautiful, but you could get the same effect from the headboard or footboard of an ornate twin bed. I've seen some with similar curliques - just haunt your local flea markets/junk shops and thrift stores (in all your spare time - hah!). Best wishes for tomorrow!

Crystal LaDoux

Hey Janet, just found this post so wanted to comment! I searched on the internet and found a couple options. Lampsplus.com had one called Arch frame weathered bronze buffet mirror. These next two sites have the same mirror, lightingnewyork.com and csnmirrors.com both have one called nerina ornate mirror. Hope these help!


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