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May 20, 2009


peggy forma

have a wonderful birthday
we all have funks - as long as we
get ourselves out of them is all
that counts.
think of your blessings and just
know there are people that care
about you
peggy forma


Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
God has given you great talent and blessings -


Happy Birthday to you, Janet! Gosh - life is just hard some days. it must be in the Texas air because I'm right there with you. Think I'll hang out in my room tonight too.

Sometimes when you say it out loud, the wind gets knocked out of it and it goes away - here's hoping!


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!


Hope you have a wonderful day! You totally deserve it! I don't know how you do it....kids, husband, home, and a job. And, you seem to be so good at all of it! Just take a day and relax!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy Birthday Janet. So young - enjoy your youth. I feel as big as a house but I'm not pregnant. So there, something BIG to be thankful for. Have a great day!


Happy Birthday to YOU..happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you Janet..Cha-Cha-Cha...Happy Birthday to you...Cha-CHa-Cha..May the good Lord bless you!!!! love ya michelle

Rhonna Farrer

Happy birthday, fab J!!!!!
you are the best.
you are so talented.
you are amazingly optimistic!
you are gorgeous!
you are a wonderful mama!
You are a fantastic teacher!
you are a thoughtful wife!
you are a sweeeet friend!
love you!!!!

lindsay w.

awwwwww.....we all have those kind of days...my husband is also not good at the birthday/mothers day stuff either...he wants to be but isn't...but you do have an abundance of creative talents...cutie kids...and everything else you would count as a blessing! hope your night goes better! have a happy happy birthday!

Sheila Miller

Well at least you posted on the correct page! LOL Somewhere I left you a Happy Birthday message, but alas, I don't recall where I left it...Have a great birthday!

Amy Coose

Hope your bday is fabulous!!!


Happy Birthday!


Oh, Janet. You poor thing. It is most likely hormones, don't you think? I blame hormones for everything!! LOL! I'd love to be near you to give you a big birthday hug. Babies are a gift from God--congrats. Here is a perspective you may want to hear:
Today is also my son's B-day. My beautiful blonde boy i loved to the bottom of my soul. He would be in his 20's today if he had survived. Lost him yrs ago to a reckless water accident. No money, no cake, no big party from husband (my husband is pathetic at this also), nothing can ever replace or change the hole in my heart.
Your baby is a blessing even if they "stretch" you. You are a blessing to us with your kindness and art talents. So glad you were born. I think you look great. Wishing you a wonderful day! From a friend, Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday!! Just count your 36 blessings and before you know it - you will feel better!

Enjoy your special day!!


Long story short...what i was trying to say above is...you have the best birthday gift already inside you! Hope this cheers you up a little. We appreciate all you do.


Heidi sent me this way and I sincerely do wish you all the best on your birthday. Good things are bound to come your way soon, hang in there!

Shannon Cummins

Happy Birthday Janet!!! Have a great day....

Geralyn Gray

Happy Birthday Janet!!!!!

miss h

Happy Birthday Janet!!!!

Debbie O'Neal

Happy B-Day Janet !! You have a lot on your plate right now, cut yourself some slack. Sending you good vibes to brighten your day :)


Happy Birthday Janet your awesome! We all have those days believe me, at 53 been through more than I care to remember
for sure. We all appreciate all you give to us! Enjoy your day!

Cheyenne Renard

Dearest GIFTED ONE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more.Hope you have a better day and just think you could be in a middle eastern prison eating dirt looking at mean smelly guards with ten more years to go . gee dont i have an imagination really thought you could do alot worse you have your beauty and your hubby and the babies and a home and your health and your preg and so on and so on have a great day lots of love and have fun at Target and id go to sees Choc and stock up and then to In and Out and eat like you are going to a middle eastern prision the next day Love to you and many blessing s Cheyenne at bookilou4you@cox.net can you tell my home teachers just left my home hee hee


When you get the a few spare minutes take a look at a friends blog. She has a great little blip "Quotes that inspire" on mothers day.


just wanted to send a note wishing you well on your special day!
Happy Birthday!!


happy birthday lovely! i have learnt that you have to make your birthday rock (all by yourself) so now i make my own cake (so i know i will get one) make sure i have a gift list of things i really want, and plan it all out so i know i won't be let down!
try it next year!
luv chanel

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