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April 30, 2009



Really, really love the chandeliers!


I love the frames I would also love to see pictures of them used in a space - maybe a gallery could be added for people to upload pictures to.

Laurie Turpin

i am SERIOUSLY in love...

i've wanted something similar for a while to put up in my "very HKS" scrapbooking studio. I'm glad I waited - THESE ARE PERFECT!

Traci S.

so in love with the chandeliers but also loving the lamp and the frames. such fun and is completely 'me'! I will be needing these but now I may have to paint to freshen up, only because something like this deserves a proper introduction!

sara lambert

wow, these are all amazing.


I love, love, love them all but the chandeliers are my favorites. I have that theme going on in my scrap studio and they would look soooooo good as another accent!!!!


Oh my these are wonderful!!! Wow I love the frames, the possibilities are endless!! creative geniuses you all are!!!!


I'm a fan of the chandeliers - they would look awesome in my daughters bedrooms. I especially LOVE that they come with little jewels - that's what sets them apart from other vinyl wall art. Love them!


They're all fabulous! I haven't figured out yet where I could put the lamp, but I already know where I'd put the chandeliers & frames. Both of my daughters want the chandeliers in their rooms.

Brit S.

Those are GORGEOUS! I need those frames and the chandeliers for my apartment. They would be the perfect touch for our living room. :)

Donna Crum

Very creative! Not so sure my son will let me use them in his room, but he will be moving our shortly. Hm......


"Over-the-Top Fabulous"!!! I so am in love with these. I would love to see the chair also on this art! Cute Hugs GraceXOXOXO


Wow! Those are so great. I am sure that my daughter would love the chandeliers best, but I am loving that lamp! I think I would use them on the glass of a frame and then have some cool material in the background. That is such a great and simple idea for decorating the home!

Brianna T.

How fun! Love them!!


Love, love, LOVE these!! Hmm......I love them all, but I think I can really put the frames to use in several ways! You gals are so creative!! The jewels are a nice touch.


I do love these, especially the frames, but I like the chandelier and the bling is awesome! So cool.



So darling. I've been eyeing this type of wall decor but I love that you added bling to it.


I have 2 little girls and they share a room, so I am getting the Chandeliers to put in their room! I LOVE THEM and can't wait to get them!!!

Tifany D.

They are gorgeous! I love the different designs...I think they are all so cool!

I hope that you will open up the possibilities and create them in more colors than just black. :o)


INCREDIBLE! I love the lamp!! Oh, and the frames!!! Who am I kidding...I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Great job girls, you constantly and consistantly blow me away with your creation and inspiration. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these!


So funky! They are all great!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love them and want to decorate my girls room with them -- esp. the chandelier.

elzbieta kaminski

they are gorgeous! I ordered them despite i dont know what will I do with them, lol. i hope someone of you will give me the ideas.


Alys Morris

Love everyone of them!!! I really like the frames!


I love them all, it's so hard to choose! I think I would have to choose the chandeliers for my daughter's room. They would absolutely love these! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

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