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April 28, 2009



Not to worry! When my boy was very small like yours, he liked to put on his sister's plastic play high heels and such...he is now a 6'4" First Cavalry infantry man serving in Iraq! **blows kisses** Deborah


The pens are so awesome! And awesome to use on HO3 printables on transparency ;) See you soon!
By Design

Traci S.

Very excited about the home decor project! I can't wait for the class. And the pen - oh geez, hadn't heard about or seen it but very excited to be able to use the inks in yet another fun way. Looking forward to the wall decor being released over at Hof3. Loving that blinged-out chandelier!

Rosandra Simmons

My son is an only child, but recently he went to his first parents nite out. When I picked him up he had black nail polish on. Apparently he saw the little girls getting theirs done and he wanted black like the rock stars.


sweetness. My FIL is old school from the depression and my oldest son was his first grandson. The poor man was worried sick that I bought both of my little boy cabbage patch dolls since they might someday be fathers and wanted them to learn nurturing like little girls do. The day my oldest son decided to be the pink power ranger he just about had a heart attack. No worries. Both of my sons love pink and totally rocked the black belts with the pink metal stud type things on them. Next thing I knew all the boys were copying them and then they stopped.

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