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September 18, 2008



Half Price books is one of my favorite places. I too go to the back first. Find lots of books to use for mixed media projects.

I really like the binder idea!
I have in the past used a book (or box) to sew in pages to hand bind a book. I love the binder idea and think it would go over well even for my teen to use for school! Cool!


Really cute. Fab idea..


Love this idea.
Showed my teenager who thinks it would be great to make Binders for school. She is a little worried that the English teacher would have a fit about her "ruining" a book though.


Awesome projct! TY so much! Saving this one!~ Ali in Nova Scotia


I found you via Scrap Scene (I love that website!)

Thank you for tackling a very useful project in a creative manner. I have been lamenting the lack of binder mechanisms in stores (and even on the internet) for a number of years. They arent available in art-supply stores either. Personally, I have been looking for a 6 inch, 1/2 inch capacity mechanism for what seems like YEARS ... I'm still searching and prior to reading this post, I hadn't found even the 7.5 inch ones. My project is making purse-size notebooks/organizers with binder mechanisms as gifts so that address pages, note paper, etc can be added and arranged as desired by the recipients. The loose hardware rings that everyone winds ribbons around aren't suited. Permanently binding the pages to the covers takes away the flexibility. So if anyone knows WHERE I might be able to purchase the smaller, 6-inch binder mechanisms, please email me a link or a name:
I may have to rethink the size to use the 7.5 mechanisms that your source carries.
Many thanks again for the very informative, detailed instructions and warm wishes from a Florida gal!


SO cool, girl!


This is great! Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing!


Holy cow! This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while! So creative & what a great use for old books. I've saved some old books just for a purpose like this but didn't know how to convert them into a useable binder/album. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I found you through Ali Edwards' blog, btw. Have a great day :)

Rachel Tucker

OMGoodness this is just a fab idea. Thank you so much for sharing this. Bet I can't buy the binder thingy in NZ. But i'll look and see !! thanks


Hey - i'm wondering if you could take the binder part out of an older 3 ring binder - i have a few of the smaller ones around the house...and then do this.

LOVE the idea and the inspiration. THANKS


Okay I made one for my December album, I'm THRILLED with how it turned out!!!



Hey! I love Jake's book. If you don't mind me asking where did you find the metal J? Also where did you find the chipboard pages? If I were to take one of your classes is it Mac friendly? Also do you include where to find the materials?
Thanks for your awesome ideas!


this is just amazing...thank you so much for sharing! I have always dreamed of making my own notebook! Hate the plastic covers of regular binders. This will be perfect...thank you, thank you!!


I've been pondering a new system for memory storage that is less expensive that buying albums (would rather put money into the insides of my albums!)....thank you for this fantastic idea!!! Thanks also to Kim for the encyclopedia idea! I'm so excited, just the scrappy mojo I was looking for! tfs

erika melnychuk

Thank you! Such an incredibly fun looking project!

denise f

Love this! I wrote down the directions. would make great address book for a gift. Thanks for the inspiration!


I'm obsessed with notebooks & I can not wait to give this a try!

Sally Penning

This is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!

good flash games

This is awesome. Im totally going to try this sometime soon!!! Thanks for sharing!

Izzonet Store Builder

What a great tutorial! Somebody can already make a business out of this. I love the fact that everything can be customized right now... This would be a great planner and scrapbook all at the same time! Thanks...


This idea is so amazing thank you so much for this :D

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