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September 18, 2008



This is awesome. I'm totally going to try this sometime soon!!! Thanks for sharing!

Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom

Your class was my last one on Friday, I got there late, had a seat in the back (I'm a front of the room gal, I thought gee this is cute, and left in exhaustion 20 minutes early...

But I opened it last night and WOW oh WOW did the project really jump out at me. I'm using it to document DS's life changing trip to Havasupi Falls this May/June. What an awesome idea and project, love it! Thanks so much!

Donna T

Thanks so much.... Can't wait to do another.

Maria T

wow how suuuper cooool!


Oh goodness... That is just AWESOME!! I am gonna get hunting for some binders how. Hopefully they should be available SOMEWHERE even in Sweden! :D

miss h

Thank you for sharing your instructions! What a great project.


I loved your class at CE and am delighted to see today's how to. The photos and step by step instructions are wonderful, thanks Janet.

PS...just loved your class, lol I think I already said that.

diane reeves

that is so cute! thanks for sharing the how-to.

I can't wait to try this myself!


what a cool project, janet! love it! :) hope you're doing fantastic, girl!

betsy sammarco

This is just unbelievable! Can't wait to try this!

Hate to ask you another question Janet, but what did you do on the cover of your son's book? It looks like you placed a photo there???


AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions, I really wish I could have made the class.


Thank you for sharing such specific instructions! (I peeked thanks to the link on Ali Edwards' blog.) I have just the project in mind for this technique. Thanks!

alexandra s.m.

Hi there, You are so talented and I really appreciate the instructions and all the photos on your blog which I've just discovered thanks to Ali E.!


OK, totally looooove this!


great project.
thanks for sharing.


OH WOW - this rocks! Thanks for sharing it. Kristi (from Cropper Hopper)


SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing this. I'd like to know more about how you remade the cover (and if you cover it to last with anything?).


THANK YOU! Took your class at CE and I have been searching the internet to purchase those dang binder mechanisms. I was having NO LUCK and I thought I was a good surfer! THANK YOU for the link. You have inspired MANY ideas with this project. I will try and share once I have completed one.


This is such a fantastic idea! I'll be linking to this!


WOW - this is something I will have to try.


Love your book and thanks SO much for the specific instructions and links. So often very hard to find the how-to.
I also found you from Ali E.


I also found you via Ali. And I have to say I love love this. I have tought something like this, but didn't know how to. Hope I can find the right supplies here in the Netherlands. Thank you so much!!


Amazing. Great idea...and really you make it look really easy. I'd probably still be sitting with the screwdriver, tapping it on the table 2 weeks later...ha ha!
Fabulous idea and thank you so much for the detailed instructions!


Um, BEAUTIFUL! What inspiration!


I guess a lot of us found you via Ali.... I can't wait to do the project and was researching the binder... any recommendation on the "depth" of the binder -- the website listed different ones were available? I have a ton of old encyclopedias and your book looks about the same size-- what depth did you purchase?
Thanks again for an amazing project!

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